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Emblems by bigrika Emblems by bigrika
EDIT: Nothing changed on the pixelart BUT I figured that some Pixel Fanarts of some of the Barons are around DA. So...I'm just promoting the Page of a dear Friend recently a member of our Team as well:
Combat Barons - I by Vaenarys

Check 'em' out!



Made for the PKMN-Browsergame project I've adopted. They were badges for beating the so called "Battle Barons". Special Ace Trainers - controled by users - that had a team of six Pokémon in three different difficulties (e.g. higher levels) that were chosen by a motto:

Horusemblem - motto: desert -> Pokémon that can be found in deserts and Pokémon related to (ancient) egypt
Infernoemblem - motto: inferno -> Fire Type Pokémon
Herbemblem - motto: forest -> Pokémon that can be found in the forest
Crystalemblem - motto: frozen -> Ice Type Pokémon
Nightemblem - motto: night -> Pokémon that can be found during night and Dark Type Pokémon
Runeemblem - motto: ancient -> Pokémon that are very old according to Pokédex entries
Dewemblem - motto: deep sea -> Water Type Pokémon
Primevalemblem - motto: primeval time -> Fossil Pokémon
Venusemblem - motto: the fair sex-> Pokémon that exist Female only

We actually wanted that they differ from Gym-Leaders but as we let the user chose their motto themselves, and even let the community decide wich mottos were the best, a few Type-based-only barons made the run.

However these were the Emblems of the nine old Battle Barons. There will be new ones in the future :D
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June 11, 2015
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