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My exam phase is comming to an end. Only two left and one of them I will write today evening - wish me luck! After that I'm having a two weeks internship at a former school of mine, but only for 4 hours a day so no biggie. And then I got alot...and I mean alot alot time for art!

I want to update all the Bios from my 6739456524 (35. I'm exaggerating a bit xD) Monster High OCs while I'm still eager to do so. But because I cannot decide who should be next, I asked you. So please visit my poll and vote!

And while I'm waiting for a result, I will try to make some FANsprites...but I'm really out of practice with those D= Maybe some overall Pokémon art. I wanted to draw my Pokemon-Teams from X and maybe I'll be doing that as well :D

Also - Commissions are open! But for now only drawings, no spritework - sorry D=

Stay tuned :)

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Submitted on
February 7